Vintage Allstars

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The Jamaican vintage Artists in need


The „Vintage Allstars“ is a unique Show Performance where three jamaican vintage Groups and one younger generation Reggae Group, perform together on stage the Reggae Music History. From Ska to Rocksteady to Roots Reggae to mordern Reggae. Our charming MC Suani Maleah guides the Audience live through the history from Ska to modern Reggae.


The Vintage Allstars are




The Silvertones

“The Silvertones” (who also recorded as The Musketeers and The Muskyteers) are a jamaican Reggae Harmony Group formed in 1964.


“The Silvertones” are also the founders of the “Jamaican Vintage Artists Project”.

The Heptones

One of the definitive rocksteady vocal groups, the Heptones were also one of the few to successfully make the transition to the reggae era.


The Heptones were formed in Kingston in 1965, with a lineup of Sibbles, Barry Llewellyn, and Earl Morgan.


Joel Brown aka Kush, Barrington Lord and Anthony Feurtado formed the Group „Kushart“ in Trenchtown 1979. The Group was inspired by the rising consciousness of „The Wailers“, „The Mighty Diamonds“ and veteran „Larry Marshall."


Joel Brow aka Kush is also a member of the german Assosiation „Action Speaks Louder Than Words“.

Six Nation

Six Nation perform the mordern Reggae in the Vintage Allstars. 100% Guerilla Reggae with a bit of Ska, Mestizo and Worldmusic! Traditional and modern Music out of six different countrys in one group!

Suani Maleah

Suani is the first official female bandmember of The Silvertones singing in the background and the only woman in the "Vintage Allstars" as a Singer and the MC. She trained herself to sing and speak with six different voice characters the past 22 years.

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Jamaican Vintage Allstars by Suani Maleah